Xegasus Aviation Investments

Xegasus Aviation Investments

Xegasus Aviation Investments B.V. is a Dutch company with investments in the aerospace industry, both domestically and abroad. Its financial quarters are in Basel, Switzerland.

Trough venture capital/private equity Xegasus participates as business angel for the medium and long term in high potential start-ups and promising phase 1 and 2 companies. Typically strategic management support (supervisory or advisory board) is part of the approach.
Also, executive consultancy can be provided on a stand-alone basis. This mostly involves strategic analysis, critical business plan review, M&A and change management. Consultancy focus is upon Central & Eastern Europe and Asia.
Additionally, Xegasus Aviation Investments holds a portfolio of stock exchange listed funds including key up-stream suppliers of the aviation industry and a few aircraft manufacturers.

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Xegasus Aviation Investments B.V.

Eric D. Tierie MSc PPL(A)
Lassuslaan 52 B
3723 LL Bilthoven, the Netherlands
+31 (0) 30 22 82 888