Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organisation (JAA TO)

The JAA TO is a non profit, self funded organisation and an associated body of ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) and ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Associate.
More than 500 JAA training courses are scheduled per year on various locations serving 30.000 participants from more than 1600 organisations worldwide.
The training course portfolio is regularly updated to include the latest topics in aviation safety. All updates are processed in line with EASA syllabi, where applicable.

The JAA TO is conveniently located in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, at only 5 minutes by train from Schiphol Airport. Besides a restaurant, 12 training rooms, 2 large multifunctional rooms and lounge areas, our state of the art facilities offer all possible conveniences to our participants, trainers and staff.

Training courses are conducted at the following locations:
• JAA TO Hoofddorp
• JAA TO Cyprus
• JAA TO London
• JAA TO Vienna
• JAA TO Malta
• JAA TO Istanbul
• JAA TO Abu Dhabi
• JAA TO Sofia
• JAA TO Kiev

In cooperation with our partners IANS (EUROCONTROL) and Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA), training courses are also scheduled in Luxembourg and Singapore respectively.

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JAA Training Organisation
(JAA TO)   

Saturnusstraat 40-44
2132 HB  Hoofddorp
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)23 56 797 90 or
     +31 (0)23 56 797 10
Fax: +31 (0)23 56 577 31