TUIfly Nederland

TUIfly Nederland

TUIfly is a Dutch airline which is owned by travel organisation TUI Netherlands. TUI Netherlands is a subsidiary of international market leader TUI Travel PLC, based in the United Kingdom. TUI Netherlands is the only travel organisation in the country with its own airline.

TUIfly has been active in the airline industry since 2005. As part of TUI Travel PLC, TUIfly is also part of the TUIfly team including airlines in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Belgium. The entire fleet counts over 150 aircraft.

TUIfly operates from the Netherlands with a fleet featuring two types of aircraft: the Boeing 767-300 and the Boeing 737-800. At the end of 2010 the first 767 will be replaced with a 767 of sister company Thomson which is also part of TUI Travel PLC. The modern aircraft is equipped with winglets and therefore environment-friendly, and with an inflight inseat entertainment system. In 2011 the remaining two 767s will also be replaced by Thomson 767s.  Eventually all 767-300s will be replaced by the hypermodern 787 Dreamliner and the number of 737-800s will gradually be increased.

TUIfly offers a three-class concept in all Boeing 767-300 flights: Economy Class (76 cm leg room), Comfort Class, developed by ArkeFly (with 84 cm leg room) and Star Class (with 98 cm leg room). On board of the Thomson 767s the Star Class has been replaced by Premium Comfort Class (94 cm). The Boeing 737-800s feature two classes: Economy and Comfort Class. Depending on class and destination, passengers are allowed to carry between 20 en 45 kilos of baggage in the hold. 

TUIfly takes people and nature into account when compiling the fleet and flight-related products and services, and during the preparation, take-off and arrival of our flights. New aircraft, changes to the flight procedures and a high occupancy ensure that we have lower CO2 emissions per kilometer per person than regular and low-cost carriers. In addition, we take sustainable measures on board such as the use of biodegradable containers and sandwich packages and CO2-neutral produced disposable cups for hot beverages. Furthermore, we serve fair trade coffee and tea on board.

TUIfly covers destinations around the Mediterranean, winter sports destinations in Finland, and long haul destinations in the Caribbean, South America, Africa and Asia. We make it possible to discover the world and enjoy holidays at economical fares. And we try our best to offer experiences that make our customers smile. Because that is our spirit: more than a smile.


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TUIfly Nederland

Beechavenue 43
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1118 ZR Schiphol-Triport
The Netherlands


Tel.: 0900 2753359
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