E-Kite is a start-up active in developing kite power systems. With these systems, wind energy can be generated through ultra-light wings at >50% lower cost of energy compared to wind turbines.
E-Kite is a privately funded company, which is founded in 2013 and based in the Netherlands.
A kite power system consists of a wing which is connected with a cable to a ground station. While flying away, the wing is pulling the cable causing a wheel to turn. This wheel then drives a generator to produce electricity. Our systems achieve a much lower cost of energy than wind turbines for two reasons:

  • Kite power systems do not require heavy, expensive structures such as towers and blades. As a result, the cost price of such systems is much lower than that of wind turbines;
  • Wind energy is harvested at higher altitudes where wind speeds and therefore electricity yields are significantly higher, causing the cost per kWh to drop further.

Our technology has other advantages as well. Sound levels are much lower, it is less dangerous for bats and birds and visual impact is also much lower compared to a wind turbine. Further, material usage in manufacturing kite power systems is >90% lower than in the production of wind turbines, resulting in minimal depletion of scarce natural resources.

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Barnseweg 65
3771 RN Barneveld
The Netherlands
T: +31 6 42412885