Eurocontrol, Maastricht UAC

Eurocontrol, Maastricht UAC

Operated by EUROCONTROL on behalf of four European States, MUAC (Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre) provides cross-border air navigation services in the upper airspace (above 24,500 feet, or 7,500 metres) of Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and north-west Germany.

The airspace is organised on a European rather than a national basis, according to the operational requirements of traffic flows. Today, such large-scale multinational airspace is still unique in Europe. It is a perfect example of functional airspace integration, leading to major safety and efficiency gains.

Located either above or close to the four major international hubs of Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London as well as other key terminal areas, MUAC airspace is one of the busiest in Europe, with a complex structure and a significant portion of climbing and descending traffic.

For several years in a row, MUAC has been rated as one of the most cost-effective air navigation service providers in Europe, with by far the hightest controller productivity.

Together with its civil and military partners in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland, MUAC is currently working on the creation of the Functional Airspace Block Europe Central (FABEC), which aims to implement seamless air traffic management in the core area of Europe.

Some 1.5 million flights pass through MUAC’s area of responsibility each year, making it the second busiest air traffic control centre in Europe in terms of traffic. During the summer, there can be as many as 5,000 flights per day. Over the past ten years, air traffic has increased by 29%, while unit costs have decreased by 44% and delays by 96%.

Currently, 99.7% of the aircraft travelling through MUAC airspace enjoy a delay-free service.

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Eurocontrol, Maastricht UAC

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The Netherlands
Phone: +31 43 366 1234
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